Customer comments and client feedback for our medical services that we provide

Wright Medics in Nottinghamshire are enormously proud and grateful to receive such testimonials, high praise, comments, feedback and referrals for the work that we do and high levels of medical and healthcare services that we provide. Shown below are just some of the recent testimonials we have received from our customers. If you’d like to leave testimonials of your own, you can do so via our enquiry form, and we may feature your words on our website!

Together with half a dozen other colleagues, I recently had to refresh my First Aid Training.

Not only is this a legal requirement, but necessary to update and practice skills that (thankfully) aren’t used very often, in addition to keeping abreast of the very latest advice and techniques. That’s important – it could make all the difference to being able to help a colleague, friend or neighbour if they fall ill or are involved in an accident of some sort.

Over the years I’ve attended various First Aid Courses – but what a difference it made getting the training first hand from a current ‘hands on’ Paramedic. Not only was she able to clearly demonstrate the techniques, but also draw on a wealth of personal experience. It made a huge difference. Full marks, I’d recommend to anyone

Dave Finlaw
Construction Manager