On-Site Safety Passport Training

CCNSG Safety Passport Training and Online Renewals

Improve Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness through CCNSG Safety Passport Training

The CCNSG (Client Contractor National Safety Group) Safety Passport Training is the Engineering Construction Industry’s essential safety card. Operatives must have a valid CCNSG Safety Passport to enter many engineering, construction, power generation or material processing sites. Consequently around 30,000 people complete the course each year.

The CCNSG Safety Passport course is a nationally recognised qualification which has been designed to offer mandatory and essential basic health and safety knowledge to personnel who work on construction and engineering sites. The course (available from Wright Medics) will cover a variety of topics to enable contractors to improve health, safety and environmental awareness and performance.

The ECITB’s (Engineering Construction Industry Training Board) CCNSG Safety Passport is regarded as the benchmark in Health and Safety Training for site operatives and is a prerequisite for all those who are required to work on engineering construction, power generation, recycling, or similar facilities throughout the UK. The Course lasts two days and is required to be renewed every three years. Here at Wright Medics, we offer On-Site Safety Passport Training and renewals. The latter can either be taken as a one-day course, or more recently an ‘online’ option had been developed that takes between one and two hours to complete.

Wright Medics brings the training classroom to you…

Whilst it has been common practice for contractors to send their operatives to off-site dedicated training centres, Wright Medics are bucking that trend to creative a more productive and cost efficient environment.

We therefore believe that a more suitable alternative is to provide the option whereby the ‘classroom’ can be brought to you / any suitable on-site facilities / location. For example, instead of operatives having to spend a complete day at an external location to undertake their Safety Passport Renewal, it can be completed at your own location within just a couple of hours.

The On-Site Safety Passport Training is a great cost efficiency. Booking your CCNSG through Wright Medics may therefore then completely remove additional costs with no need to book hotels, pay for restaurants or take billable time away from work.

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Delivering Comprehensive On-Site Safety Passport Training

The course delivers a comprehensive curriculum of health, safety and environmental awareness training as defined by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

This provides the candidate with essential underpinning knowledge that together with other more specialist training will to facilitate safe working practices and a risk-aware mindset.

Please note that due to the nature of the training course and the emphasis placed on communication, there is only a provision for the assessments to be undertaken in English. Therefore, candidates for this type of training must be able to understand and speak the English language.

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What our Interactive CCNSG Training Course Modules Include

The training course consists of a series of interactive modules covering the topics listed below:

  • Accidents & Emergencies / First Aid.
  • Asbestos & Silica.
  • COSHH.
  • Electricity / Fire / Noise / Stress / Vibration.
  • Excavations & Confined Spaces.
  • Manual Handling & Safe Use of Vehicles.
  • Training.
  • The Environment.
  • Visual Display Units & Work Equipment.
  • Working At Height / Workplace Environment & Welfare.
  • Personal H&S – Legal Duties.
  • Hazard Awareness.
  • Risk Assessments.
  • Permits to Work.
  • PPE.
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Many companies require personnel to have completed this safety course and a company / site induction before allowing them access. Combining training on-site enables employees and contractors to work more safely and with a lower risk to themselves and others. The CCNSG card is valid for 3 years after which a 1 day CCNSG Renewal or online course must be taken. Please Note: All candidates must take with them to the course either a current UK photo card driving license or current travel passport as proof of identity.

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