Emergency Paramedic Responders

Fully qualified Paramedics, Professionally Registered Clinicians with front line experience with UK Ambulance and/or Air Ambulance authorities

Emergency Paramedic Responders, Advice & Assistance tailored to your requirements

Wright Medics provide nationwide emergency paramedic response services. We only employ fully trained, qualified and Registered medical professionals. Whatever the need – if you consider you have to provide medical cover with a need to potentially respond to physical injuries or illnesses, we can help.

We all share a duty to reduce where possible our demands on the Ambulance and other NHS services, and at Wright Medics we can save hundreds of hours of Ambulance and NHS resource time each year, by the provision of a professional onsite medical/trauma assessment, and where appropriate treatment – rather than a hospital referral… other than where absolutely clinically necessary.

We’re very fortunate in the UK, we assume that when we dial 999 and ask for an Ambulance – that it will arrive promptly and be manned by professional clinicians who will deal diligently with whatever they face. This could be in the form of help and kind words for a confused elderly person or the treatment and management of broken bones (from a fall) or perhaps burns from an electrical distribution board. Potentially though, this could be far worse, such as a car / industrial accident or a cardiac arrest from a sudden collapse requiring immediate advanced life support. Whatever the reason, we expect and receive professional Paramedics and/or Ambulance Technicians, rigorously trained to deal sympathetically and systematically with a wide range of medical and traumatic conditions/injuries. By outsourcing emergency paramedic response to Wright Medics, it can help to save hundreds of hours of Ambulance and NHS resources / time each year.

Managing Medical Emergencies & Pre Hospital Care

Wright Medics are professionals at planning and managing clinical, including emergency pre-hospital medical/trauma care provision.

This process includes a careful and detailed assessment of the hazards and risk levels likely to be encountered – these will differ according to the type of event, the activity (work, sports etc) being undertaken – and the specific environment, for example the proximity of local hospitals and specialist units. In this way we can establish the type and level of manpower and facilities we would recommend for any specific situation.

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Fully Trained & Professionally Registered Paramedics

All our Responders are fully trained Professionally Registered Paramedics – with extensive front-line Ambulance / Air Ambulance experience.

All of the Wright Medics emergency paramedic response vehicles are fully equipped with medical gases, monitoring equipment, defibrillators and a full range of paramedic drug therapy combined with other equipment that has been identified by our Risk Assessments.

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Identifying & Preventing Health Problems & Concerns

Wright Medics Emergency Response Paramedics are able to identify problems, provide advice and treat emergency health problems, prevent further injuries and illnesses and help save lives in line with current best practice guidelines.

They are also qualified to establish and manage on-site medical centres that are capable of offering walk-in services to all attendees that need advice or have health concerns.

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So, whether you need medical cover for a few hours, a few days or the long term, for a local Gymkhana or School Sports Day – Wright Medics can provide professional advice and practical assistance to ensure that provision matches your specific need. We are also delighted to provide qualified Paramedics to man or provide temporary cover utilising existing facilities. Alternatively, we can also provide advice on and supply appropriate equipment and/or an on-site response vehicle, to create a modern triage/treatment centre.

Providing nationwide On-Site Medical & Training, Clinical Support & Advice and Emergency Medical Response Services

Emergency Paramedic Responders

Paramedic Responders
Emergency Paramedic Responders

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