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Healthy workers are safer and more efficient – Wright Medics can help

Improved Employee Health Screening & Wellbeing for a Happier, More Productive Workplace

Whilst every organisation and employee is different, Wright Medics employ a unique approach to our health screening and wellbeing services to businesses and organisations across the length and breadth of the country.

Engaging with employees and working with them to improve their general health and wellbeing has never been more important or more challenging in the U.K. Especially taking into account such things as the COVID pandemic and (for example) the effects this has had on mental health and strain on business growth and development.

Health Screening & Wellbeing is far more than First Aid

A healthy site or working environment is not just about the first aid post that treats work related injuries. Important as that is, a healthy, proactive site should also recognise that many members of its’ workforce may be living and working away from home, making normal access to medical facilities more difficult than is often the norm.

In turn, many operatives welcome the opportunity to chat and seek confidential advice from a professional clinician. This could take the form of something minor (renewing a dressing for example) or a more urgent general health concern (such as blood pressure, cholesterol an blood sugar monitoring) which has the potential to be more serious. Alternatively, they may simply need help in accessing local NHS facilities.

Whatever the reason, Wright Medics health screening and wellbeing professionals are on hand to help, advise and assist where necessary in order to promote and actively benefit the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

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A Proactive Approach to Wellbeing Initiatives

Wright Medics helps you take both a proactive and preventative approach with our general health and wellbeing strategies.

It may be obvious that an employee who is healthy is not only likely to be more diligent and efficient, but also will probably be working safer. This will not only be beneficial to them, but also their colleagues, other workers and ultimately the business as a whole.

Better health and fewer accidents therefore leads to less absenteeism, fewer Health and Safety interventions and ultimately less down time. Prevention as the saying goes is better than the cure.

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Simple, Comprehensive Health Screening Services

As employee health services becomes ever more complex, so Wright Medics works harder and header to simplify the health screening and wellbeing processes for our clients.

With this in mind, Wright Medics can assist in organising and running targeted health screening campaigns. Advising on for example: Heart, Weight, and Alcohol concerns.

In addition to the planning, management and stocking of a tailored On-Site Medical Facility (enabling it to not only act as a typical ‘first aid post’, but also as a comprehensive initial assessment and treatment center), Wright Medics provides a quiet and confidential environment for anyone seeking the help and advice of a professional registered clinician.

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There’s no price you can put on good health. The most valuable asset to any company is its’ people. Investing in their health is therefore just as important as an investment in any other part of your business. Health Screening and Wellbeing provides employees with a safe space to discuss any health concerns they may have or to ask questions with one of our qualified medical professionals. This valuable time can go a long way towards avoiding possible health issues and the long terms knock on effects to business efficiency in the future.

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